2024 Goat Yoga Schedule is live!

How we Goat Started

Goat yoga started in 2017 after several of my friends tagged me in the goat yoga videos going around. My mom told me to run with it, and I did.

But it all started with a goat named Fester. He was my first ever 4H project as a child. After a year of hard work my parents bought him back at the 4H auction because they knew how close I had become with him. He was my buddy. I loved talking to him when I was going through rough times, good times, or even just the regular everyday.

Yoga started for me when I was pregnant with my daughter 6 years ago. I had the worst sciatic pain, and yoga was the only thing that helped me find relief. After having her, I continued with my practice. Since then it has also then helped me through my pain during my second pregnancy. I have posted a lot about the yoga practice, and its benefits on my Facebook page. My friends and family encouraged me to pursue Goat Yoga since I already had the passion for my goats and the passion for yoga. Why not combine the two?

As for the soaps dairy goats were always something I wanted to get into. Creating fun things was a pure passion for me. So I purchased my first dairy goat and now 5 years later here we are. 

Since then it has grown from a fun hobby into a beautiful way for people to find peace in the everyday rat race.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.